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20 CHAPTERS | 4 CASE STUDIES | 5 Design Books

Rs 1800/-


A fashion collection is based on the following principles:

  • The product should be new 

  • The product should align with customer taste

  • The product should value for money

  • The product should be appropriate to occasion

  • The range should have homogenise pieces

  • The range should be production-able

  • The product should trend aligned

Course Curriculum

This design process module is designed to  enable students to champion the execution of concept building & product development. You will know the What & Whys of :

  • Market

  • Client

  • Trend & Trend Forecasting

  • Inspiration 

  • Mood Board

  • Theme Board

  • Concept Board

  • Trim & Detail Board

  • Client Board

  • Textile and Material Board

  • Client Study

  • Design Development

Course learning

After completing the course students will know :

  • How to start ideating for a market intelligent range 

  • How to build a strong concept

  • How to create a mature mood board

  • How to develop designs (even with zero sketching skills) 

  • How to identify colour & textiles 

  • How to do product development


Teaching Method

Easy videos in English with detail explanations of  case studies of Indian and International fashion designers case studies , Exercises and downloadable notes.

Student can do the course in their own time with 24X7 availability of videos for 1 year.   

Certificate & Scholarships

After completing the course students will get 

A certificate signed by National Awardee Fashion Designer and teacher Gaurav Mandal

Chance to participate in an excellence award scholarship .The scholarship winners will design a range for an industry designer based on real brief .If the styles from their submission is produced by the designer then they get credit certificate from the designer .


Chapter 01 Fashion Design Process

Chapter 02 Professional fashion designer's qualities

Chapter 03 Design Brief

Chapter 04 Understanding consumer

Chapter 05 Market segment by Price

Chapter 06 Fashion Trend Study

Chapter 07 Fashion Trend Forecast

Chapter 08 Conceptualisation

Chapter 09 Design Journal

Chapter 10 Case Study AMPM fashion Brand Conceptualisation

Chapter 11 Case Study AMPM Fashion Inspiration Research

Chapter 12 Case study AMPM case study Conceptualisation Method Concept Building

Chapter 13 case study AMPM fashion -Concept Note

Chapter 14 AMPM Fashion MOODBOARD

Chapter 15 Case study AMPM VISUAL BOARDS

Chapter 16 Case study AMPM Fashion DESIGN DEVELOPMENT


Chapter 18 design development -PRINT

Chapter 19 Case Study BALMAIN Fashion design process

Chapter 20 Case studies on CHRISTIAN DIOR & McQUEEN


Fashion Courses

Fashion Resources Downloads


Download 160 editable Adobe Illustrator Fashion Flats.

fashion Portfolio copy.png

Online Course - 20 Chapters

The best designed products are those which fulfills the requirement of the end-user. 

Rs 2100/-( including GST)


White Background
Ketan Verma Fashion Designer

Ketan Verma
Textile Designer NIFT Delhi

Gaurav Sir's critical thinking classes are like healing sessions. The most complex concepts sound like child play. 

White Background
Riya Bhardwaj Fashion Designer

Riya Bhardwaj
Fashion Designer Pearl Academy

Gaurav Sir is an amazing tutor with supreme knowledge.My graduation project or my job wouldn’t have been possible without him.

He helped me to enhance my resume and apply for jobs guided me for getting my dream job

White Background
Nishita Vij

Nishtha Vij
B. Design Fashion ​LPU

Gaurav Sir's Portfolio module was full of case studies & detailed explanation of professional portfolios .After that ,I could easily create a portfolio that looks international


NIFT Delhi students 

Pearl Academy students 

LPU students 

NIFT Delhi students 

Pearl Academy 

Pearl Academy students 

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