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Visual Boards


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Understanding inspiration boards , mood board ,concept board , story board, details , trims and textile board is an essential learning frog fashion designers.

What is a mood board

A mood board is a collection of images, colors, and textures that reflect the overall goal and feeling you want to achieve in your brand. It’s important to create a mood board early in the design process so that it can help you focus on your brand instead of being tempted to following trends. Mood boards are all about the feeling of a brand and therefore serve as a great check in during every step in the design process. You should have it in front of you any time you’re designing, choosing stock images, writing copy, or creating products and services.

Mood boards are fundamental tools used in design industries. The term mood board is often used generically to cover a wide range of board types, each having specific uses. The types of boards considered to be a vital part of the design process that facilitate creative and innovative thinking and application, as opposed to those associated with marketing to merely present and communicate product to an audience, are the focus of this study. The creation of mood boards involves a recognizable process coupled with creativity. The creative process used to develop mood boards can be seen to have three fundamental stages that offer the creator opportunities for deep levels of engagement to take place in order to develop creative and innovative design solutions. This study explores and models this process uncovering the underlying principles in relation to working methodologies and problem-solving theories

Course Curriculum ()

Stepwise contextual understanding of visuals boards and creative relevance in the design process .

Course learning

  1. Internalize the concept of visual boards and its related processes 

  2. Formulate briefs as an integrated part of visual boards .

  3. Demonstrate informed & effective application of research to analyses visual boards  in fashion.

  4. Display organization skills and stress management, planning and team working skills.



Certificate & Scholarships

After completing the course students will get:

A certificate signed by National Awardee Fashion Designer and teacher Gaurav Mandal

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