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Types of Fashion Prints 

Fashion prints are as trend driven as colour and garment style. Fashion prints are becoming an increasingly utilised tool in a fashion designer’s tool kit.  Therefore although the following is a general run down of the various types of fashion prints, depending on the season and year, some maybe more popular than others.


  1. Floral print - a design featuring various types of flowers

  2. Animal print - a pattern mimicking the skin or fur of animals such as leopard, zebra, or snakeskin

  3. Geometric print - a design using simple shapes such as circles, triangles, or squares

  4. Paisley print - a teardrop-shaped design with a curved upper end

  5. Abstract print - a design with no recognizable shape or pattern

  6. Polka dot print - a design featuring evenly spaced circles

  7. Striped print - a pattern with horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines of different widths

  8. Plaid print - a design consisting of horizontal and vertical bands in two or more colors

  9. Camouflage print - a pattern resembling the natural environment to conceal or blend in

  10. Tie-dye print - a design made by tying and dying fabric to create unique and colorful patterns.

  11. Batik print - a design made by applying wax to the fabric before dying it

  12. Ikat print - a pattern created by resist dyeing the warp or weft threads before weaving the fabric

  13. Toile de Jouy print - a design featuring intricate scenes of pastoral life or historical events

  14. Check print - a pattern of even squares or rectangles of different colors

  15. Houndstooth print - a design featuring broken checks, resembling the teeth of a hound

  16. Gingham print - a pattern of small, evenly spaced checks

  17. Chevron print - a design featuring V-shaped lines

  18. Damask print - a design featuring a pattern woven into the fabric using a special loom

  19. Brocade print - a design featuring a raised pattern created by weaving with different types of thread

  20. Jacquard print - a design created using a special loom that allows for intricate patterns and designs

  21. Chintz print - a design featuring bright colors and large, bold patterns on a light-colored background

  22. Floral embroidery - a design made by stitching colorful threads onto fabric to create floral patterns

  23. Screen print - a design made by printing ink through a stencil onto fabric

  24. Digital print - a design created using digital technology and printed onto fabric

  25. Burnout print - a design created by removing parts of the fabric using a chemical process, leaving a sheer pattern

  26. Ombre print - a design featuring a gradual transition of color from light to dark or vice versa

  27. Tartan print - a pattern featuring criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors

  28. Shibori print - a design created by resist dyeing the fabric using various tying, folding, and binding techniques

  29. Iridescent print - a design featuring a shimmering or reflective effect created by adding metallic or shiny threads or finishes to the fabric


Teaching Method

Easy videos in English and Hindi with detail explanations of  case studies of Indian and International fashion designers case studies , Exercises and downloadable notes.

Student can do the course in their own time with 24X7 availability of videos for 1 year.   

Certificate & Scholarships

After completing the course students will get:

A certificate signed by National Awardee Fashion Designer and Teacher Gaurav Mandal

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