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How fashion designers finalise colours for a season

"Fashion designers typically finalize colors for a season by conducting extensive research and trend analysis, considering factors such as consumer preferences, cultural trends, and the overall mood of the season" remarks Gaurav Mandal, National awarded fashion designer. Here are some steps that fashion designers may take when finalizing colors for a season:

  1. Research: Fashion designers may conduct market research to determine which colors are currently popular and which colors are likely to be popular in the upcoming season. They may also look at color trends in other industries, such as home decor and automotive design.

  2. Trend Analysis: Fashion designers may attend fashion shows, read fashion publications, and analyze runway trends to identify which colors are likely to be popular in the upcoming season. They may also consider the mood of the season and how that will affect color choices.

  3. Color Forecasting: Many fashion companies use color forecasting services to help them choose colors for upcoming seasons. These services provide insights into color trends and consumer preferences, helping designers make informed decisions about which colors to include in their collections.

  4. Color Palette Development: Once designers have identified the colors that they want to include in their collection, they may develop a color palette that includes several complementary colors. They may experiment with different shades and tones to create a cohesive and visually appealing color story for the season.The choice of palette can depend on a range of factors, including the season, the target market, and the mood or theme of the collection.Pastels: A palette of soft, muted colors such as blush pink, powder blue, and lavender is often used for spring and summer collections.Here is a list of different colour palettes Jewel Tones, Neutrals, Brights, Monochromatic, Black and White: , Warm Tones, Cool Tones, Metallics, Pop of Color.( Read this article for popular Colour palettes used by famous designers) .

  1. Sample Production: Once the color palette has been finalized, designers may produce fabric swatches and samples to ensure that the colors look good in different materials and under different lighting conditions.

In conclusion, fashion designers finalize colors for a season through a combination of research, trend analysis, color forecasting, and color palette development. The process requires careful consideration of consumer preferences and cultural trends, as well as an eye for visual design and color harmony.

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