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20 colour palettes used by famous fashion designers

Here are 20 more color palettes that fashion designers use in their collections:

  1. Dark and Mysterious: A palette of deep, moody colors such as burgundy, navy, and forest green can create an enigmatic and mysterious vibe for a collection.

  2. Bright and Bold: A palette of eye-catching colors such as fuchsia, lime green, and orange can create a bold and playful look.

  3. Desert Tones: A palette of warm, sandy hues such as camel, beige, and rust can create a desert-inspired look.

  4. Cool Blues: A palette of cool, serene blues such as ice blue, powder blue, and sky blue can create a calm and tranquil vibe.

  5. Earthy Greens: A palette of earthy greens such as olive, moss, and sage can create a natural, organic feel.

  6. Retro Tones: A palette of nostalgic colors such as mustard, burnt orange, and avocado green can create a retro-inspired look.

  7. Summer Brights: A palette of fun and playful colors such as coral, hot pink, and turquoise can create a summery and joyful vibe.

  8. Romantic Pastels: A palette of soft, dreamy colors such as blush, lavender, and pale blue can create a romantic and delicate feel.

  9. Industrial Grays: A palette of industrial grays such as slate, charcoal, and gunmetal can create a modern and edgy look.

  10. Beachy Whites: A palette of beachy whites such as ivory, ecru, and sand can create a breezy and relaxed vibe.

  11. Pop Art: A palette of bright, primary colors such as red, blue, and yellow can create a bold and graphic pop art-inspired look.

  12. Forest Greens: A palette of lush forest greens such as emerald, pine, and dark green can create a luxurious and elegant feel.

  13. Warm Pinks: A palette of warm, rosy pinks such as coral, peach, and blush can create a feminine and charming look.

  14. Bright Neons: A palette of electric, neon colors such as neon pink, green, and yellow can create a bold and futuristic vibe.

  15. Soft Grays: A palette of soft grays such as dove, silver, and pewter can create a sophisticated and elegant look.

  16. Fiery Reds: A palette of fiery reds such as cherry, scarlet, and brick can create a passionate and dramatic feel.

  17. Bohemian Blues: A palette of bohemian blues such as teal, aqua, and turquoise can create a free-spirited and bohemian vibe.

  18. Pretty Pastels: A palette of sweet pastel colors such as mint, lavender, and baby blue can create a delicate and charming look.

  19. Vintage Tones: A palette of vintage tones such as sepia, ochre, and antique white can create a nostalgic and retro feel.

  20. Classic Navy: A palette of classic navy can create a timeless and sophisticated look that is perfect for both casual and formalwear.

"In conclusion, fashion designers use a wide range of color palettes to create different moods and looks for their collections". "These palettes can be inspired by nature, nostalgia, pop culture, and many other sources, and can be adapted to suit the style and target market of the designer" says Gaurav Mandal , national awarded fashion designer..

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