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Basics Fashion Design 02: Textiles and Fashion by Jenny Udale(2008-08-19).

All fashion designers must have an understanding of fabrics and what their properties are to allow them to choose the right fabric for their designs. Basics Fashion Design 02- Textiles and Fashion by Jenny Udale is a guide to the use of textiles within fashion design. The book examines the entire process of creating and using fashion textiles. It discusses the practical processes involved, including information on fibre production, dyeing and finishing, as well as construction techniques such as weaving and knitting. Various surface treatments are explored, as well as the way in which colour and trend influences fashion and textiles. The book also includes a section in which fashion and textile designers discuss their production processes and how they use textiles in their work. This title is suitable for first year students of fashion design, textile and other fashion-related subjects, as well as professional creatives and those with an interest in the process of fashion design, from concept to execution, seeking to develop and improve their design skills.

Basics Fashion Design 02: Textiles and Fashion by Jenny Udale

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