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French words commonly used in Fashion Industry

  1. Haute couture -

high fashion or custom-made clothing

  1. Prêt-à-porter - ready-to-wear clothing

  2. Avant-garde - innovative or experimental design

  3. Chic - stylish, elegant, or fashionable

  4. Rendezvous - a meeting or appointment, often used in the context of fashion events

  5. Faux - fake or imitation, used to describe synthetic materials or imitation designs

  6. Couturier - a fashion designer, particularly one who specializes in haute couture

  7. Tulle - a lightweight, fine net fabric often used in dresses and skirts

  8. Chiffon - a lightweight, sheer fabric often used in dresses and blouses

  9. Crochet - a type of needlework, often used in the creation of lace or decorative trims

  10. Étoile - a star, often used in the context of the lead dancer in a ballet company

  11. Bijou - jewelry or trinkets, often used to describe small, delicate pieces of jewelry

  12. Soirée - an evening event, often used to describe formal or black-tie events

  13. En vogue - in fashion or in style

  14. Décolleté - a low neckline, often used to describe dresses or blouses with a plunging neckline

  15. Frou-frou - ornate, fluffy or ruffled design details, often used in the context of feminine styles

  16. Coup de foudre - love at first sight, used to describe an instant attraction to a garment or accessory

Lingerie - women's underwear or sleepwear, often made from delicate fabrics such as lace or silk

  1. Cabochon - a smooth, rounded gemstone often used in jewelry design

  2. Fête - a celebration or party, often used in the context of fashion events

  3. Gala - a formal event or dinner, often used in the context of fashion shows or awards ceremonies

  4. Coquette - a flirtatious or charming woman, often used in the context of feminine fashion and style

  5. Chemise - a lightweight, loose-fitting garment often used as a nightgown or undergarment

  6. Très chic - very stylish or fashionable

  7. Mélange - a mixture or blend of different fabrics, colors or patterns

  8. Élégance - elegance or refinement, often used to describe sophisticated and understated styles

Matinée - a daytime event or performance, often used in the context of fashion shows or theater

  1. Velours - velvet, a soft, luxurious fabric often used in formal wear or accessories

  2. Passementerie - decorative trimmings such as fringe or tassels, often used in home decor or fashion design

  3. Flâneur - a person who strolls or wanders aimlessly, often used to describe a certain casual yet stylish attitude towards fashion and life

  4. Cachet - prestige or exclusivity, often used to describe luxury fashion brands or limited edition collections

  5. Éclat - brilliance or radiance, often used to describe sparkling or shimmering fabrics or jewelry

De rigueur - required or expected, often used to describe dress codes or fashion etiquette

  1. Papillon - a bowtie, often used in formalwear

  2. Tricot - knitwear, often used to describe comfortable, cozy styles

  3. Couture - fashion design, particularly haute couture or custom-made garments

  4. Piqué - a fabric with a raised, textured surface often used in formalwear or sportswear

  5. Effervescence - excitement

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