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Fashion forecasting methods 2023

GMDE tutor Prof. Gaurav Mandal defines Fashion forecasting as a "process of predicting future trends and styles in the fashion industry". Here are some of the most common methods used for fashion forecasting:

  1. Trend Analysis: Fashion forecasters analyze current and past trends in the industry to determine what styles and designs are likely to be popular in the future. This includes analyzing fashion shows, street style, social media, and celebrity fashion.

  1. Consumer Research: This involves gathering data on consumer preferences and habits through surveys, focus groups, and other market research methods. This helps fashion forecasters understand what consumers are looking for and what they are likely to purchase in the future.

  1. Color Analysis: Fashion forecasters analyze color trends to predict which colors will be popular in the upcoming season. This includes looking at color trends in other industries, such as home décor and automotive design.

  2. Fabric Analysis: Fashion forecasters also analyze the types of fabrics and textures that are popular in the industry to predict which materials will be in demand in the future.

  3. Historical and Cultural Analysis: This involves analyzing past fashion trends and cultural influences to predict future trends. For example, a resurgence of 90s fashion trends might be predicted based on the current nostalgia for that era.

  4. Expert Opinion: Fashion forecasters may also consult with industry experts and insiders, such as designers, stylists, and fashion editors, to get their input on upcoming trends and styles.

  1. Reading Forecasting Books : Reading fashion forecaster books can be beneficial as they provide insights into current and future trends, consumer behavior, and the fashion market. By understanding these factors, fashion professionals can make informed decisions about designing, producing, and marketing their products.

By combining these different methods, fashion forecasters can make informed predictions about future trends and styles, helping designers and retailers make informed decisions about their product offerings.

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