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Methods to revive Dead Brands-:Case study Chanel & Gucci

In the 1970s, Chanel ,the most iconic fashion brands in the world experienced a decline in popularity and was struggling to remain relevant.Gucci , the Italian luxury behemoth too experienced a period of decline in the 1980s and 1990s due to overexposure and a lack of focus on quality.

Here are some of the steps that were taken to revive these brands:

  • Revamping the brand aesthetics: The Chanel suit was a staple of the brand, but it had become outdated and unappealing to younger generations. Karl Lagerfeld, who became the creative director of Chanel in 1983, reinvented the classic suit by adding modern touches such as bold colors and embellishments. For Gucci ,Tom Ford was appointed as Gucci's creative director , In 1994. He brought a new vision to the brand, introducing a sexy and provocative style that resonated with consumers.

  • Streamlining of Product Lines:Gucci had become known for its excessive branding and a confusing mix of product lines. Ford streamlined the brand's offerings, focusing on a core line of luxury items. Lagerfeld recognized the importance of accessories in the fashion industry and put a greater emphasis on them in Chanel's collections. This included iconic items such as the quilted handbag and the two-toned ballet flat.

  • Strategic Collaborations: Lagerfeld collaborated with a variety of artists and celebrities, including Andy Warhol, Pharrell Williams, and Cara Delevingne, to bring a fresh perspective to the brand.Gucci too entered into collaborations and partnerships with other luxury brands, as well as with celebrities and artists, to create exclusive collections and generate buzz e.g, ADIDAS , THE NORTH FACE, BALENCIAGA, DISNEY,COMME DES GARÇON,XBOX & KAI

Rebranding :Chanel invested heavily in marketing and branding to appeal to younger generations. This included high-profile fashion shows and advertising campaigns featuring popular models and celebrities.Gucci underwent a complete rebranding effort, introducing a new logo and packaging that helped to differentiate the brand from its previous iteration.

  • Expansion into New Markets:Chanel expanded into new markets such as Asia and the Middle East, which helped to increase the brand's global reach and appeal.Gucci expanded into new markets by opening new stores in strategic locations, partnering with local influencers, and launching targeted marketing campaigns.

About The author

Gaurav Mandal is a fashion educator and leader, dedicated to inspiring the next generation of design professionals. He is recipient of two national awards from the Indian Government for his contributions to the fashion industry. A NIFT Delhi Gold Medalist fashion designer , he completed his Fashion Marketing master’s degree from Nottingham Trent University, UK. He teaches millions of students through his YouTube Channel and works with several NGO’s for imparting creative education.

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