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Fashion Education

Fashion Design Courses  | Books | Resources | Scholarships | Mentorship

Video tutorials, worksheets, tests and downloadable tools, each course offers a comprehensive introduction to a key subject. Some premium courses have  books worth up-to Rs 9000/- market price for students references .

वीडियो ट्यूटोरियल, वर्कशीट, परीक्षण और डाउनलोड करने योग्य उपकरण, प्रत्येक पाठ्यक्रम एक प्रमुख विषय का व्यापक परिचय प्रदान करता है। कुछ प्रीमियम पाठ्यक्रमों में छात्रों के संदर्भ के लिए 9000/- रुपये तक की बाजार कीमत वाली किताबें होती हैं

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Showcases skills, creativity, versatility, range, style, aesthetics, experience, professionalism.

Rs 2100/-( including GST)

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Critical Thinking

Download 10000+ technical sketches

that are 100% editable in Adobe Illustrator. These are Royalty free sketches and cam be used in Professional and Academic purposes 

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Personal Mentorship

Nation Building Plan
GMDE was established for creating systems for imparting relevant skills and knowledge to the underprivileged children aging 5-14years. Regular workshops are created to foster their raw talent into a socially useful skills.This is done in collaboration with renowned NGO's like PinakiGirl.
With financial aids from individual and institution more then 9000 kids have benefitted out of this scheme. You too can help us by donating money for this Nation building cause.


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Ketan Verma Fashion Designer

Ketan Verma
Textile Designer NIFT Delhi

Gaurav Sir's critical thinking classes are like healing sessions. The most complex concepts sound like child play. 

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Riya Bhardwaj Fashion Designer

Riya Bhardwaj
Fashion Designer Pearl Academy

Gaurav Sir is an amazing tutor with supreme knowledge.My graduation project or my job wouldn’t have been possible without him.

He helped me to enhance my resume and apply for jobs guided me for getting my dream job

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Nishita Vij

Nishtha Vij
B. Design Fashion ​LPU

Gaurav Sir's Portfolio module was full of case studies & detailed explanation of professional portfolios .After that ,I could easily create a portfolio that looks international