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This collection provides a broad overview of textiles covering historical, fundamental and industrial application topics, including vintage fashion and design; synthesis and application of cellulose derivatives and dyes; color management and photo-responsive textile applications in the field of printing; the preservation of textile objects in different environments; smart textiles; modification by physico-chemical methods for better performance and extra-properties; electronic, medical and health care applications; comfort finishing of textile materials; effects of clothing materials on the thermoregulatory response of the human body; new applications of hemp fibers; microscopic and spinning related topics.

Textiles are essential and one of the most important classes of materials used by humanity since ancient times. Despite textiles having been around and in use for so long, advances and improvements continue to be made. This book contains 22 invited contributions written by leading experts in the field of textiles. Each chapter presents and discusses updated science and technological advances during this period. Hence, this collection will be a valuable reference for those researching and manufacturing textiles, as well as those that are interested in a wider area of textiles.

Textiles: History, Properties and Performance and Applications

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