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Professional Sewing Techniques for Designers is a modern, colorful, and up-to-date sewing guide that teaches fashion design students the construction skills they'll need to execute their original designs in a professional environment. Each chapter covers a particular theme-such as seams, zippers, or embellishments-and the order of the chapters follows the constructional order of a garment. Based on their belief that designers cannot achieve great design without the skills necessary for good construction, the au thors provide concise and comprehensive sewing techniques for designers to expand their understanding, knowledge, and skills in construction methods. Rather than train students to become technicians in an apparel manufacturing facility, this book encourages them to reach their full sewing potential and, in the process, develop creative designs that can be successfully mass produced. Features -- A Design Worksheet allows students to list all the specifications of their designs before they begin working. It will be the tool with which they manage all their sewing projects. -- Suggested sewing projects are categorized as beginning, intermediate, or advanced level. -- "Stop! What Do I Do If..." feature highlights sewing challenges that are likely to occur with each chapter topic?so the student can solve problems themselves, without asking the instructor. -- Book blends the basic construction techniques used in home sewing with industrial applications. -- Instructor's Guide provides suggestions for planning the course and using the text in the classroom

Professional Sewing Techniques for Designers

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