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Handbook of Textile Fibres 1st Edition Natural   Fibres  by J Gordon Cook

This book offers a comprehensive survey of the man-made fibres, including rayons and other natural polymer fibres, and the true synthetic fibres which have made such rapid progress in modern times:

Table of Contents

Fibres for clothes; Natural fibres of vegetable origin: The bast fibres: Flax; Jute; Hemp; Sunn; Kenaf; Urena; Ramie; Nettle; The leaf fibres: Sisal; Henequen; Abaca (manila); Other leaf fibres; The seed and fruit fibres; Cotton; Miscellaneous seed and fruit fibres; Natural fibres of animal origin: Wool; Mohair; Camel hair; Cashmere; Persian goat hair; Llama; Alpaca; Huarizo; Vicuna; Guanaco; Fur fibres; Silk; Natural fibres of mineral origin: Asbestos; Directory of natural fibres.

Handbook of Textile Fibres 1st Edition Natural Fibres by J Gordon Cook

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